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Thread: In practice and Irish Veterinary Journal

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    Default In practice and Irish Veterinary Journal

    The titles are in portuguese, but obviously inside are in english.

    In practice:
    Resuscitation of the newborn calf
    Pinkeye in Beef Cattle
    Bovine paratuberculosis: ongoing challenges, renewed concerns
    Parasites of goats. a guide to diagnosis and control
    Current perspectives on caseous lymphadenitis
    Differential diagnosis of diseases causing oral lesions in cattle
    i.v fluid neonatal calf
    Infective reprod. disease in pigs
    Skin lesions in pigs
    Investigation of diarrhoea in the neonatal calf
    Copper deficiency in cattle and sheep
    Practical approach to the control of pneumonia in housed calves
    Use of anthelmintics in sheep
    Porcine respiratory disease and complexes: the story to date
    Aspects of clostridial disease in sheep
    Cardiovascular disease in cattle

    Edit: Thkx Saraajka :thumb up: I should have discribed the file....

    Irish Veterinary Journal:
    Oral fluid therapy for cows


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