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amphibian questions


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Jan 25, 2011
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I have 2 questions about amphibians that I can't seem to locate anywhere online. 1. what is the easiest location on an amphibian to draw blood? 2. All amphibians reproduce in/on_____ while reptiles reproduce in/on __________? Thanks
I havni a clue where to draw blood. But the majority of amphibians reproduce in water; frogs & toads (anura) utilise external fertilisation, whereas caecilians (gymnophiona) utilise internal - newts & salamanders (caudata) vary between species. Caecilians can be oviparus or viviparous; the caecilians which lay terrestrial clutchs do so near the water, the larvae wriggle there upon hatching. Reptiles reproduce on land.
I would say, that easiest to draw blood from the medial abdominal vein, which is just under the skin of the belly in most species in the midline. Depending on situation, a cardiac puncture can be ruled in/out, but might not be the most safe procedure, though it is recommended even in reptiles by some.