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Anatomy Atlas of Anatomy of Domestic Animals (Russian)


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Mar 12, 2012
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: Atlas of anatomy of domestic animals
Author: I. P. Osipov
Publisher: Aquarium-Print
Capacity: 152
ISBN: 978-5-9934-0232-1
Series: The practice of veterinary
Year: 2009
Format: DjVu
Description: This atlas of anatomy of domestic animals is a very effective tool for studying the structure and functions of the body of animals. Atlas has a number of indisputable advantages: contains more than 150 original illustrations specially created I.P.Osipovym, a professor at the Kharkov zoovetinstituta, the material is fed to the system principle, ie, "step by step", and so easy to find one or another structure, in parallel with Russian terms are given their international Latin equivalents, constituting the basis for clinical terminology, summarizing charts and drawings to better understand the material in question, highlights not only the general plan of structure, but their specific characteristics.
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