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Can Animals Suffer From Anxiety Too?


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Aug 31, 2017
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We think of psychological disorders like anxiety and depression as uniquely human problems, but can animals suffer from anxiety too? How can we know when they cannot say that they are sad or happy? What are the symptoms?
What are the symptoms?
Behavioral inhibition is a very common symptom in cats... that is, a reduction in "normal" behaviors, especially when someone is watching. Anxious cats, for example, will often wait until nearby humans are absent before eating, eliminating, etc. They are highly likely to refrain from behaviors associated with positive emotions, such as play. They maintain a state of heightened arousal, even when still with eyes closed (you can see their ears move with sounds) - they don't sleep deeply.
Because anxiety, fear, and depression are so detrimental to welfare these signs are discussed at length in behavior texts.
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