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Duplicated Threads / Similar Threads Use


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Jan 26, 2010
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Venezuela Small Animal Veterinarian
Duplicated Threads / Similar Threads Use

Dear Members and Moderators,

I suggest a simply and informative way to avoid so many duplications of threads by using the relation
Duplicated Thread / Similar Threads, which comes inmediately when you introduce the Title of the Book in your editor box at the moment you post.
It will give you a list of Similar Thread that you must check first before you post.


As you can see this is the editor for posting books,
When you enter the title of the book or resource that you're about to post and proceed to fulfill the details
you will see this list appears, the example here is AquaCulture and Behavior,
if you notice the second choice match totally with your title,
from dear New Vet, so inmediately what you must do is select this option, go to that thread.
Check it!
If it is the same one not another version ( language ) or edition,
you must not post.
Because your post will become DUPLICATED and INSTANTLY a
So, will be
Only option left to avail your effort is to mirror, meaning, post in this thread your updated source.
ONLY and just ONLY, if the original thread isn't moderated and mirrors above are not active.
About Mirrors.
If they are active or moderated and you post, your post will be

This way we can control ourselves by not duplicating. I think it is the most accurate way.

It is important that when you introduce the Title of the Book use this and only this one.
Could be helpful only edition or version ( language ) if the Title is too short like, Biology.
It is important that when you use tags to ID your Thread to introduce just key words, like those use in the title.
This way we help the system to generate accurate similar threads.

At the botton of your recient posted thread or any other thread, you will receive and visualize another list of similar threads, this one can help you to find out if your post, just made it, is duplicated or not, as well.
Or simply to find another version, edition, or subject of interest.


Motoko. :rose3:
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