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Efficient Livestock Handling, 1st Edition


Dec 28, 2011
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United States Small Animal Veterinarian
Efficient Livestock Handling: The Practical Application of Animal Welfare and Behavioral Science 1st Edition

by Bonnie V. Beaver BS DVM MS DACVB (Author), Don Höglund MS DVM (Author)


Pages: 230 pages
Edition: 1 edition (November 13, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 012418670X
ISBN-13: 978-0124186705


Efficient Livestock Handling: The Practical Application of Animal Welfare and Behavioral Science brings together the science-based disciplines of animal behavior and welfare to discuss how knowledge of one area (behavior) can be used to promote the other. Emphasis is on cattle and horses, but swine, sheep, and goats are also covered.
Three major areas are included and integrated into a practical approach to working with the various species. Basic behavior as it applies to handling is discussed, with differences noted between species. The connections of behavior and handling are covered, and practical applications discussed, both with a liberal use of pictures and videos to bring the concepts to life.

  • Incorporates a clear, approachable style for researchers and practitioners alike, facilitating understanding of the techniques described
  • Features supplementary video content on a companion site, providing practical demonstration of the topics discussed in the work and a useful tool for learning the concepts presented
  • Includes extensive references, increasing the book's utility for serious researchers as well as those who want to implement better handling practices

Efficient Livestock Handling

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