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Embedding Pictures from IMAGEHOSTS

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Nov 3, 2009
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Belgium Small Animal Veterinarian
As no copyrighted material shall be uploaded to the ELIB-Server you can embedd pictures from imageshack.us

You just have to upload them there, you can just load them up from your own Computer or you can choose to load them from a different URL (see checkbox there), if the Picture already exists in the Internet.

After you made it, there is one trick you have to know:


After successfull upload press the link called "LINK" as only signed-in Users can get the "Direct Link"...

After pressing "LINK" the uploaded pictures is shown embedded in the imageshack-page, like this:


now, to get the naked URL of the picture (the so called "Direct Link") without being a signed-in User you have to click on the Picture with the right Mouse Button and chose "Show Graphic" or whatever the equal command will be there on your computer, that will show the whole picture directly under its true URL, like this:


now this will be the code you need to embedd on our site using the Picture Button of the Editor, this one:


And always remember!

When You embedd a picture into your Elib-Posting with the Picture-Function, always do it "from URL" and never "from your Computer" and always uncheck "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" so that no files get stored on the Elib-Server!
Re: Embedding Pictures from IMAGESHACK

A much easier way is search google images and copy link url to the image. Use this url to embed images.
Re: Embedding Pictures from IMAGESHACK

It is easier but not better, as those embedded sources might expire easily...

Similiar to the given tutorial you can also try:

Re: Embedding Pictures from IMAGESHACK

To ALL Members Read and Apply, please, and specially to those constant contributors.

Now, considering you already know how to insert, embed or attach images to your thread,
this is what you should not do,

Marked images must not be inserted or attached to the Vetelib Server.

You should provide a clean image, not marked for a website or blog, in order to avoid any association or a not made subscription and exposure of Vetelib to the "outside".

Like this:


I'm using, by the time being, imgur.com

So, please, edit and provide a new clean images for your posts.

Thanks for your cooperation, :up:
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Please, read and apply to your posts, as well as the guidelines for postings.

And read, please, forum regulations.
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