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Forum's Useful Tools


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Jan 26, 2010
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Forum's Useful Tools


Hello, dear Members of

Here, I present to you a group of useful free softwares that we all
commonly use to manage every resource available in the forum.
I decided to gather them in a sticky thread to have them handy to review for any user or member of the forum .


Image Visualizers

File Compressors

Those commonly use by Windows, they come with this OS ( winrar and winzip )

File Splitters

This are all optionals, is your choice to use them, among your favorites.

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Mounting ISO.files

This is a tutorial that I bring here, from a previous thread to be useful and handy to all members.

Extracting info from the thread:

What you have is a disc image.For visualizing it, you just need this program Daemon Tools, free.
Choose the one suitable for you, I use DT Lite.
Once you installed it, open it, you'll get the interface square, inside, there's an icon of a disc with a green plus, choose it. It will give you the option to look for Disc Images, so you go where you have saved or located your TGH disc image and select it.
You should had unrared it first, of course.
At the top of your interface square it appears.
It says:
Images Catalog. It'll specify the location of your TGH DI(disc image).
Select your TGH DI with your right mouse
button, it will give you the option Mount, so choose the option given.
Inmediately it brings to you the open window for the Installer, TGH, just follow it.
The Quick Time and all of that.

And that's all!

This method,doesn't requires you to have the burnt disc on your CD/DVD tray.
Just the DI itself saved in your computer or EHD.
And you can use it, as well, just opening the Daemon Tools and ask it for Mount the disc image located at the CD/DVD tray.

I hope it will be useful! :up:
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