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I feel Unfullfilled


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Dec 19, 2020
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Morocco Veterinary Student
-I am a vet student who is currently in his 4th year of study (For reference I am 2 years away from graduation) and recently as I am getting into studying pathology deseases and surgical techniques, I sort of feel less and less of a vet. Don't get me wrong, this feeling was always here (specially in the first years where all we studied was anatomy and physiology and pre-clinical stuff) but now it only seems to get bigger and bigger, and all I feel I am doing is validating my exams and endlessly studying things that I am incapable of assimilating, basically I feel like I'm only studying for exams and that I'm not becoming a vet anymore, it's frustrating and disencouraging.

Any tips or advises please ?
Hi there, i know the feeling. Try to do dome placements , hopefully somewhere bice, where you can see thevread day to day work, and hopefully be involved too. Don't freak out just yet. I studied in Spain, where we have a similar system (very theoretical, not as practical) and I have been working in orher countries were last year students spend the last two years mostly in a practical set up, and I can see how is a bit more encouraging. Don't give up!
I concur. Help about in a clinic or even a few different clinics as well as try to get some fieldwork. I did both in my sparerime while studying y4-6. Very important to learn how to manage the clients/ owners and the more different vets you see the more you can chose what would suite you best. When I later applied for jobs the extra experience mattered the most.
I understand how you might be feeling disillusioned and disconnected from the profession that you are pursuing. It can be overwhelming to continually study complex topics such as pathology and surgery, especially if you need help to grasp and understand these concepts fully. One thing you can do to stay motivated and engaged in your studies is to find a mentor or advisor who can help guide you through learning and mastering new material. You can also connect with other students in your program and professionals working in the field to build a support network and community of peers. Ultimately, remember that becoming a vet is a long and challenging journey, but it can also bring great rewards and satisfaction if you persevere and stay focused on your goals. So keep pushing forward, and always remember why you chose this path in the first place. With dedication and perseverance, you will succeed!

Cassie of Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve