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Links "reported" as dead which are not


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Jul 19, 2009
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Hi all,

We now have a button to click if a link is dead, which is great but... how can we indicate that in fact the link is actually alive? (the seeming deadness presumably being a problem at the users end, or the link having been refreshed afterwards).

For example
is showing that one person has reported this link to be dead, but it is not! I have just used it successfully.

I guess I am saying it would be nice to also have a link-actually-alive button or some other way to show others the links worth trying.

how can we indicate that in fact the link is actually alive?

Once a thread it's subject to the expired thread report, It is being checked and the system of expired reports provides you with another button, it reflects the thread have been checked and updated. You must select it, in the case you are the poster doing the update.

Another instance, can be add the date of updating to the thread or post, as I do.
If I forgot to check the Mark Thread Updated button, the date inserted can be useful, for next time checking.

The system it always left a notification as a report.

What it's most important is, there are members that check the expired button, NOT really reviewing all the options, generating false reports, notifications.

Others, press the Expired Report button consecutively , when all members ONLY have 2 chances.
Of course, they are all been banned for that.

I emphasize the use of the expired report button, conciously.

It is well known there are expired threads, this forum have a huge collection, we're proud of that.
Certainly, is not a help, those members that select the Report Expired Source, because they consider,
They are helping reporting expired links. Not it's not. It just generates extra work.


Extra of this condition will be consider
SPAMMING. And the member SPAMMER is BANNED!.

And, if it's active the source but you need a special source, due to a filter in your country, China, Iran, etc. or not access to the actual active source host.
Please, do not use the report button just asked for the new source, specifying from where you are ( China, etc. ), making a post in the thread that should say:

Please, review. "Iran(Name your Country)" filter.

All of this has been specified in the section of Site News and Announcements.
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What about just posting it if the link is marked dead but still working?!

If someone abused the button before, he should be exposed that way, or not?

Abusers must be punished! And this way it can become obvious in particular cases.

Just an idea, Motoko will decide...
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