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need help with interpretation of cat's virus test results

lynx lynx

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Nov 23, 2019
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Bulgaria Pet Owner
Hello :)

Can you, please, help me with interpretation of my cat's medical blood results and diseases tests?
I have some doubts about the prognosis and what my vet told me, based on this results - that my cat has corona virus, untreatable condition. I can't afford new or more testing for now but if there's something I can do while there is still time, i would like to know.

I'm attaching photos of the results, some words are in bulgarian. I'm mostly worried about the FeCov - if results are positive for Antibody and negative for Antigen, what does it mean? Is this enough to diagnose my cat with coronavirus or untreatable condition?

The story why we went the vet: on 16th of Nov I rushed with my cat to the vet because she was breathing hard, had no voice while trying to meow and was not eating well. 3 days before that happened, I wasn't home to know how it started, she was fed by my friend. The vet drained 140ml fluid from around her lungs and I took her home because I had no money for more procedures then. On next day she started eating, but after one day she stopped at all, lost more weight and was only sleeping and breathing hard again. I took her to another vet, closer to home, they drained 90ml yellow-pinkish fluid. I asked for some tests and if there's any way to know why is that happening and if is it treatable or if there are more problems. Now its 3rd day from last (second) draining and she's 2.6kg but eating well, active and breathing okay for now. On 22nd she was looked under echographer and the vet told me she has accumulated little fluid, around 30ml but thoracentesis is not necessary for now.
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Can you help me with some information about my situation? Is there evidence of coronavirus or untreatable condition based on this FeCov ag/ab results?
Why don't you try to test for HCM by proBNP kit? Chest fluid come from not only FIP but also HCM.
Hello. the diagnosis of feline infectious peritonitis can be very easily wrong. especially when using serologies. RTPCR must be performed on effusion fluid. the rest is shit. how is your little cat
Fluid in your cat chest may cause by many clinical diseases. But FIP is one of that.
Fluid analysis and rivalta test are good and low price for discriminated FIP from other causes
And if it is FIP there is still new hope with new drugs recently