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need help!!!

taranjot sran

New member
Dec 17, 2013
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India Veterinary Student
hey!!! I am new on this forum. Can anyone please help me know little more about the rules and things/ documents we can share on this forum???
Hello, Taranjot sran,

Here, in this very own forum, you can find all the info required to share/post on the general forum.
Please, read carefully.
At Site News and Announcement section, you will find some important info-rules, as well.
Material to share?
Booklets(Non comercial), PDF, PPT, Videos, Audios, Pictures and Slices as Lectures, CD-ROM's, DVD's, all useful related to Veterinary Medicine and close related subjects, like Pet Owner's advice. Notes from class scanned by yourself.

Please, remember apply the template requested to post at each forum, read carefully, and locate your material where it belongs.
Keep in mind, this is a serious Veterinary Library.

Welcome abord, and
Enjoy your stay,