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never done file sharing, what do i need to do?


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Jul 13, 2011
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i now have a book or two that i may be able to share, but i have no idea where to start. where do i upload and link to as I'm totally lost with this stuff.I also don't want to risk using a site that may cause problems with my computer as i've only got the one and can't afford to fix it if it breaks.i do have virus software tho.
Hi, Welcome Gremlin,
You can find the most common questions answered for doing all of that at FAQ's section, at sticky informative threads.
Since where to, what to, and how to post a new thread.
There are Rules for all of that, most of them, explain there.
Check and Read Carefully.
If you have doubts or questions, I can guide you. Here, at this very thread you just started or through PM, private message.
About the file hosts, you can use the most commons DF, MF, RS, etc.

Enjoy your visits!