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Problems visualising the virtual library


New member
Jan 10, 2012
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Italy Veterinary Student
I have problems visualising all books sections, please tell me what to do, I hope you can find a solution for me shortly
The Electronic Library will be visible to junior members only (members who have 20 posts or more ...).
Please don't post any senseless posts to reach your goal ... try to react constructively in discussion forum.
so new members will not have access if do no post for twenty time.....
That's too bad dear Doctors how we access the Knowledge
Do some thing Dr. Stator its Request
Me also faced this problem from yesterday morning itself.
I am a new member in forum, registered 3 days back.
Don't know how to reach the aim set by Dr.stator
I am a junior member as well, tried logging out and logging back in, still nothing. Confused as to what the problem is