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Software for scanning books


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Oct 18, 2016
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Slovenia Veterinary Student
can you help me, which free software do you use to scan books and put to pdf file?
Creation of e-books
(Algorithm which is used by me)
Step 1
Actually scanning consists of three stages: scannings of a cover, main part of the book, color inserts and illustrations.
Not to use the FineReader program at this stage! (this program is necessary for OCR)
The Grayscale mode (shades of gray), for color illustrations and covers - True Color (full-color).
It is possible to leave other installations by default.
Permission of scanning - 300 dpi.
Format of the output file: Uncompressed TIFF!
Step 2
Split pages, cut pages, despeckle, deskew, correct illumination etc.
Standard setting up program (guide in Russian, but it is possible to look at screenshots; only on a tab Book to choose “Page width – Auto” and “Page height – Auto”):
Format of the output file: Uncompressed TIFF (600 dpi)!
Step 3
OCR + convert to pdf file
User’s Guide for FineReader 11:
Format of the output file: PDF (or FB2, DJVU, EPUB…)
More information look inside:
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Or you could use Adobe Acrobat which is able of scanning and OCR and much more.
Download it form any trustworthy torrent.
I would Recommend Adobe Acrobat Pro, cracked versions are easily available.

Secondly, I would suggest you to scan pages at 600dpi for the extra details.

Thirdly, Use ClearScan instead of regular OCR to detect text. ClearScan on 600dpi have impeccable results.

PM me if you need further guidance.
Related question for the moderators: I have some legible photos of an entire (albeit short) book on Sheep Reproductive Technologies... Would there be any place this would be welcome or are you only looking for scans and epubs?