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The Laboratory Nonhuman Primate, Second Edition (Volume 8)


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Feb 3, 2015
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The Laboratory Nonhuman Primate, Second Edition (Laboratory Animal Pocket Reference) (Volume 8) 2nd Edition
by Jeffrey D. Fortman (Author),‎ Terry A. Hewett (Author),‎ Lisa C. Halliday (Author)


Series: Laboratory Animal Pocket Reference
Paperback: 388 pages
Publisher: CRC Press; 2 edition (September 20, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 143984139X

Extensively updated to include current literature, The Laboratory Nonhuman Primate, Second Edition, continues to serve as a quick reference source for technicians, caretakers, veterinarians, researchers, and students working with primates in biomedical research. It provides details on basic husbandry and covers biologic characteristics, regulatory compliance, common diseases, and anesthetic management.

The text gives easy-to-follow descriptions of basic technical procedures including restraint, intubation, tuberculin skin testing, and collection of blood and urine samples. It also reviews advanced sampling procedures including collection of bone marrow, cerebrospinal fluid, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, and rectal mucosal biopsy. The Laboratory Nonhuman Primate presents information in a clear, concise format to allow readers to incorporate concepts and techniques into the standard operating procedures of a facility.

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