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Turkey Signals- A practical guide to turkey focused management


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Jun 5, 2015
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Austria Professor at Vet School


On a global scale, turkey production volumes are relatively stable. Efficiency improvement is the main challenge for every turkey farmer. This starts with reducing unnecessary losses. One dead turkey is a relatively high cost for a turkey farmer, compared to a broiler chicken. Turkeys live for longer, so its death after 20 weeks of feeding and care is a significant loss... Reducing mortality should therefore obtain your full attention. Average turkeys weigh twice as much as they did 75 years ago, in a much shorter production period. This means higher demands on farmer skills and more focus on stress reduction for the turkeys. Did you know that without your help, sick and weak day-old poults will almost certainly die. Place them in a sanitary box and mortality rates are reduced by 50%. Good care pays off!

Turkey Signals follows the cycle on a commercial turkey farm. The book describes how turkey focused management will improve production and welfare of the turkeys and thus the turkey farmer’s financial results.

Turkey Signals is a practical guide that shows you how to pick up the signals given by your animals at an early stage, how to interpret them and what action to take. This is a book with over 850 hotographs and illustrations; a must-have for anyone involved in turkey farming.

Need-to-know knowledge

The background of this project is that it aims to improve turkey production. Turkey Signalsis a practical book with information that every person involved in turkey production should know. Certainly not a nice coffee-table book, but a book with need-to-know knowledge.

Signals-concept: Look-think-act

Turkey Signals is part of the Poultry Signals series. The Signals-concept always starts from observation and stimulates readers to think and act. This is the main success factor of the Signals book series. Consequently the information is presented in a very visual way. Practical knowledge comes first and complex theory will be limited to an absolute minimum.


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