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Twelve Small Animal Clinical Practice Problems


Feb 7, 2009
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Slovenia Veterinary Intern-Resident
Veterinary Gross Anatomy
Twelve Small Animal Clinical Practice Problems

by Alvin F. Weber, DVM, PhD

Pages: 42
Publisher: --
Language: English


Problem One:
Tissue masses palpable from the skin surface.
Problem Two:
Anatomy related to surgical removal of herniated intervertebral disc.
Problem Three:
Problems relating to the anatomy of the scapulohumeral (shoulder) joint.
Problem Four:
Anatomy related to replacement of a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament.
Problem Five:
The anatomy of the hip in relation to dysplasia and dislocation.
Problem Six:
Anatomy of the lumbar region as related to intervertebral disk problems.
Problem Seven:
Anatomy of cutaneous vasculature as related to autologus skin grafts.
Problem Eight:
Acute gastric dilatation, torsion and volvulus, and splenic torsion.
Problem Nine:
The anatomy of hepatic portal system anomalies.
Problem Ten:
Anatomy related to urinary bladder recurrent infection, incontinence, and abnormal elimination.
Problem Eleven:
Anatomy of the ear related to surgical intervention and infection.
Problem Twelve:
Anatomy of components of the third eyelid related to its prolapse.

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