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Nov 3, 2009
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Belgium Small Animal Veterinarian
We officially do not upload anything actively here!

We officially will just support by showing where "something probably is available just by itself luckily somewhere in the big, big world-wide web", anything else is active copyright infringement!

And officially we do not support that!

So if you are in need of support by "requesting" anything, just ask for "help", but do not type for "uploads", literally!

"Can you help me finding this"
or simple
"Please help" next to all necessary facts for it!

"Please re-/upload this"

Got it?! :rose3:

Of course we do not know what single members privately communicate or probably exchange via PM!
Whatever you do, be private, be silent and be decent!

Push the button and let me see who read this...!
I ascertain: 168 views by now but only 14 confirmations!

And still literally "Please upload"´s around!
An example:

I made a posting and wrote:

Please help

K. Dabrowski, K. Krasnicki and H. Kozlowska
Rapeseed meal in the diet for common carp reared in heated waters
Zeitschrift für Tierphysiologie Tierernährung und Futtermittelkunde
Volume 46, Issue 1-5, September-December 1981, Pages: 273–282
DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0396.1981.tb01364.x

Another member send me a PM and helped me.

How did he help me?

I know and he knows and nobody else!
It was just an issue person to person!
I did not request to upload anything and he did not claim to have uploaded anything and I do not confirm that he has done it at all.
But he solved my problem, whatever it was!
I just needed the help of a friend and a friend helped me!
That is all and that is not illegal!

Got it?!

Do not ask for "uploads", ask for help and support and in most cases someone will come to try his best!