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zuku clinical anatomy question and answers.ppt

Zuku Clinical Anatomy Question and Answers

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can you post this again on google drive please.
I am currently a 3rd year veterinary student at Lincoln Memorial University getting ready to start my rotations. I have a badass 124 page NAVLE study guide that has important information from all the courses that we took and then some. I also have an entire one drive full of study guides from each year. I am looking to sell everything and make some money on the side. I am not sure if there is a market for this stuff or not but I figured i would try. I have also been uploading all my study guides to stuvia which sells class notes as well if youre more comfortable buying from a site. Just search keyword NAVLE and look for my username bostonred34 and its on there along with my other study guides. Not sure on the best prices yet obviously want to keep it cheaper so more people buy it but also a lot of time has been spent on this stuff. Just send me a message if youre interested. ThanksView attachment 3117