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Goldfish Breeding


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Jun 8, 2011
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Philippines Small Animal Veterinarian
Hi, is there anyone who is knowledgeable in goldfish breeding? Or anyone have links/tutorial on how to hand breed goldfish? Fish had come to my interest recently and ive been quite curious since then because i really could not find materials or videos demonstrating hand breeding and care of goldfish. Hope you guys could help me thank you in advance.
Goldfishbreeding is very easy!

You can apply everything that is used in Common Carp-Breeding, just in a smaller scale.

Just the easy passive way with some hints:

Get some healthy fishes and put them together in a small pond, when the time comes the males will start chasing the females and the males will get breeding tubercles (probably the females will get some single ones, too).

You can also apply pituitary gland extract IF you know how to apply and where to get it from (any carp farmer), but actually it is not necessary in a smal scale breeding attempt!

When you got a female full with eggs, take it with a chosen male and separate them in a single tank full of weed and they can lay their eggs and fertilize them.

The more weed the less eggs will get eaten meanwhile and after.

After having laid all eggs, take the parents out of the tank.

The weed tank should be set up quite a while before, even some weeks, so that many microorganisms developed.

After the offspring ended feeding on their own yolk-sac, they will start feeding on those.

Before placing the parents into the weed tank you should "disinfect" them in a sodium chloride bath (500g/10L/30-60 sec) when they slime off all ectoparasites they cannot introduce them to the eggs.

More actively you can strip off the eggs and the milk and mix them together with a feather before you add them yourself to the weedtank.

But you need some experience or initially more advice for this.

Decapsulated Artemia eggs are a good starter feed for the fish larvae later on.

This is only for starting a discussion, there are many more tasks probably to think of.....

Read this as well:
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Studies on breeding and feeding patterns of the goldfish, Carassius auratus under captive conditions for sustainable ornamental fish hatchery management

Damn these are gems!!! Thankyou so much sir!!!!!!!:dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
i actually tried hand breeding sir but to no success. Should i use methylene blue after i had mixed the milk and eggs together? And should i wash the eggs after? And leave it in a bowl untill they attach to it? Cover it and put some aerator? And i really dont know how to determine viable eggs from the rotten

Let´s start the easy way, I consider you all having hobbyistic intentions, so a small scale within 1 - 3 Aquaria and probably a little gardenpond should be enough.

Without any force you should watch your fishes when they start chasing, the males will chase the females. This is pure distress, so the less males there are the healthier it will be for any female.
In bad cases females can also be chased to death!

Just get the point of time when the female has a big belly full of eggs. You can test it by very, very light pressure, some eggs should just come out by themselves.

Then it is just a matter of time when they will start laying them by attaching to any plants or substitutes.

For a smale scale by best successes were without any chemicals at all.
I just took defined couples of fishes including 1 female and never more than 2 males (actually better just one at all) and placed them into a tank that was naturally running with a foam[!]-filter and stuffed with submerged plants (best was Elodea sp. and similiar ones).
This even was my best way for all ornamental fishes, even small ones like Guppys or Corydoras.

For being biologically balanced I never had any fungus coming up in it, so most eggs developed fine and for being widespread between the plants any fungus appearing could not spread itself.

If you strip off all eggs and milk by hand it is that balanced, so fungus can appear and spread.

The technical problem with eggs from any carp that they are quite sticky and it is a further step to get away this ability. Trout eggs are much easier to handle.

So I can really recommend the "natural" way at least for the beginning!

But very important is to "quarantine" the parents before and getting rid of any ectoparasite by sodium chloride bathing is the best way!
(Get used to this method before and generally, there is no better general remedy at all!)

A very great way for ponds also there is the "Dubisch"-Method....just check up what you find out about it!

More to read:

Just read all you can find by know and keep an eye on naturality and biology not chemistry!

The Goldfish technically just is a small brother of the bigger common carp, so you just have to scale all evidences down to aquaria and garden size.
By the way I assume the parents being not too large, of cause if they have maximum size of about 50+ cm you must treat them like real big carps.
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@ ALL:
For further Material just ask hematocrit!

Another basic issue
For starter feeding fish larvae, after they have completely fed on their own yolk, you can take the yolk of a hard-boiled chicken egg and shake it up in a bottle of water, make a veriest fine slurry, filter out any cluster.

Apply it carefully to the fishtank as it is very rich in content and could harm the water quality.
(And the tank should have a very generous and biological active sponge filter!)

Try to use a pipette or anything else just to apply small dosages/Drops directly.

As soon as they can start feeding on little crustacean (like Dapnia or Artemia) support that!