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If a Link is dead!


Nov 3, 2009
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Belgium Small Animal Veterinarian
If you find any link to a "special" content being dead or simply expired then just make a posting in the corresponding thread AND write a PM to the original Poster AS WELL AS to any member who pushed Thanks for the link!

The Meaning:

Many Links were deleted from third parties, so that any original poster has no influence on that, but he should still have the basis to provide another on.


All those who got opportunities from these contributions should return it if necessary, but they need to know and therefore to be adressed directly, too!

If any member rejects any direct help especially all exploiting "Thankers" then report them to our Staff (starting with green Moderators in charge), but be sure that you are not making wrong accusations and you adressed all possible fellows, not only one or just a few! Lazy Reporters will get punished for making mischief as well as non-cooperating Exploiters!

The aim is and has to be being naturally supportive for the needs of other members!

If I may, my dear Vetaqua,

You ( All Members ) should start with:

- Write a PM to the Original Poster, giving the time for him/her to prepare the new source.
- Write a PM to any member who pushed the Thanks button,
Report the thread as expired, if it really is, at Dead Links Report Section,
Make a Posting in the Corresponding Thread, and
- For last instance,
Write a PM to any Moderator in Charge of the Section

Be sure to accomplish all these steps before posting, Why?
we want to avoid unnecessary postings and overcrowded threads on the forum, just for asking to reviewing the sources.
This will be consider as
SPAMMING and like that it will be treated. Deletion.

Please, read this Info,

This all is intended to the better functioning of the forum,

Thanks for your cooperation in all this matters.
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For saying it even more easier:

You are looking for something that used to be here, but it is not anymore for any reason.

This site is here to support generally and so all members are to support each other!

You just ask around among those who apparently can help you directly (and marking the issue by making a public posting as well!) and if there is nobody who wants to help you without any good reason then you ask us about it and then we will take specially care for it. But be constructive, respectful and patient!

That´s all!

The official Staff is just here to support you all helping yourself and each other first and of course also as members to help directly in certain issues and also for requesting your help in return!