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Logging in?


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Jul 23, 2011
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It isn't mayor problem, but still. when I'm logging in it can't be done with first time- it just restarts the main page. When I try it second time- there is no problem with that. And every time the same. As I said it isn't mayor problem, but little annoying.
Sounds to me more a matter of your Browser Cache, as it sounds it works after refreshing, doesn´t it?
It refresh it self when I try to log in. In other pages I don't have such a problems. Currently using Opera
I also have some problems on other sites even being an Admin....it all can depend on

1.) What Browser
2.) What Addons of the Browser
3.) More particular settings of the individual Operating System

So when it is no major problem of all users it apparently has something to do with your individual technical circumstences.

It is just all too individual how a System works and no site is able to satisfy all needs...
Did you check "Remember Me" ?

I'm using Opera too. I had the same problem. But after "remember me" was checked, everything is fine.
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