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Pain medication after OVH?

We use 1 mL vial Tramadol IM. the 1mL is distributed for 2-3 injections
Mary Ellen is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher. She runs a analgesia course through VetMedTeam which I found invaluable for raising my level of analgesia provided for surgical patients.
My protocole
Methadone 0,2 mg kg IM
Medetomidine 20 ugkg IM
Zoletil 5 mg kg IM
Meloxicam 0,2 mg kg SC

Very efficient. Very Good
No need rescue
I am an oncologist rather than a surgeon, but I know our surgeons frequently use methadone as part of the premed for painful procedures (including OVH) and normally use meloxicam injectable post-op as a single dose then dispense oral meloxicam.
I am very conscious that pre-empting pain improves control thus analgesa in a premed is, in my opinion, essential
Meloxicam,Robenacoxib here in Hellas
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In Macedonia we are also using meloxicam and tramadol, but rarely metamizole. So far we have good experience with meloxicam
I am sure that you mean in NORTH Macedonia.Macedonia is in another country dear.
In Macedonia we are also using meloxicam and tramadol, but rarely metamizole. So far we have good experience with meloxicam

DARKO, ARE YOU AROMANIAN? We in România use Meloxicam frequently în this dose 0,04 mg/kg SC and postintervention next Days 0,02 mg/kg.
I use butomidor before anesthesia. After the anesthesia and first day following I inject meloxicam. I heard that you can inject lidocain to the ovarian ligaments, it reduces the pain.
In Macedonia we are also using meloxicam and tramadol, but rarely metamizole. So far we have good experience with meloxicam
Both are commonly used to manage pain in various medical situations. It's important to use these medications under the guidance of a healthcare professional to ensure safe and effective pain relief.
I as premedication use intramuscular methadone together with medetomidine, then I continue for 2- 3 days with oral robenacoxib. The bitches do not present complaints or vocalizations and start eating immediately or the day after.
It sounds like a well-orchestrated medical symphony – a touch of methadone and medetomidine to set the mood
Hello sir, I am Veterinary Surgeon from India. And have been doing OVH since last 5 years. mage miniatures I haven't been using any analgesic medications. During the anaesthesia, I have been using tramadol or flunixin meglumine for analgesia. Post operatively day 1, crypto poker online I would be giving only anti-histamines and antimicrobials if I find any breach in the asespis or if I know the patient will be kept in a not so clean environment.
That's like doing surgery in stealth mode, a true ninja vet move. Tramadol and flunixin meglumine – your secret weapons for pain relief, ensuring your patients recover like undercover agents.
I am practicing in the US. You can give a single dose of meloxicam at 0.2mg/kg (always check renal values before giving any medication that can impact the kidneys). Continue pain management with buprenorphine which works very well in cats. While they are in the hospital you can use IV and then to go home use transmucosal through the mouth q 8 -12 hours for 3-4 days. Every animal is different however. I rarely use tramadol in cats, as buprenorphine seems to work better.

I use stronger opioids like methadone for other medical problems (eg fractures).
The use of meloxicam, buprenorphine, and considering renal values is a good approach. The preference for buprenorphine over tramadol aligns with the trend of it being a more effective analgesic in cats. Methadone's use for specific medical problems also seems well-considered.