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Script Error

The same for me....


Skript: http://ads2.adbrite.com/v0/ad?sid=1902374&zs=3330305f323530&ifr=1&ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.elib4vet.com%2Fthreads%2F3154-BSAVA-Manual-of-Canine-and-Feline-Neurology-3rd-Edition&zx=266&zy=612&ww=1680&wh=783&fl=1:734
The Script-Bug was silent for quite a while but on my side it is back now:

I don´t know if it is related to the current site-changes somehow or not...

Although this thread is shown correctly within my browserwindow, the header of my Window shows the headline "Script Error", so this seems to be a general bug to the whole site...
I've ad this script errors on other computer when I was on holidays. Now I'm using my own computer again and I don't encounter any problems so it can be elated to software (system, browser etc).
Probably you are right, this could be a FIREFOX-Issue...
Maybe but I was using firefox on both computers, so I think it can be problem with some firefox plugin - I could have different versions of plugins on both computers. Rest of software is the same (firefox and windows version).
I now just upraded to FIREFOX 4 let´s see if something changed, some Apps do not work with this new version and therefore got disables ( I guess) so if it improved it could be a matter of the new Version or the missing Apps from before...
It is still the same bug with FIREFOX 4, so it depends on individual settings, like Plugins, Addons or whatever...
it is still present even ff4. still had to stop the script