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Share Your Thoughts: First Impressions of the New Platform

It is a great place to share ideas for exam preparation. (y)
Hello everyone,

We hope this message finds you well. Recently, we transitioned to a new platform, and we know that changes of this magnitude can be exciting, challenging, and potentially disruptive.

With this in mind, we are initiating this thread to gather your feedback and insights regarding the new platform. It's very important for us to understand your perspective, as it will assist us in making future improvements and adjustments.

Here are a few guiding questions you may consider:
  1. What are your first impressions of the new platform?
  2. Have you found the transition easy or challenging?
  3. What features do you like the most? What features do you feel are missing or need improvement?
  4. How has the new platform impacted your daily routine or usage?
  5. Any other observations, comments, or suggestions that you'd like to share?
Please be open and honest with your feedback. Every perspective is valuable and will help us in shaping the future direction of our platform.

Thank you in advance for your time and contributions. ?

Best regards,
Hi ! I am new member. I am veterinary student in UVAS , Pakistan. I want to improve my anatomy from basic to pro level . Suggest me a book to do so . And also guide me about career after dvm