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Who is in charge?


Nov 3, 2009
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Belgium Small Animal Veterinarian
If you have any Problem then you can ask our Staff for support!

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If there is no Moderator named, meaning that there is nobody particularly nominated for being in charge, or having concrete problems with any Moderator (but be really sure about it or you could become my target for defending any innocent staff member) then come to me.

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Quite frustrated here bc im having trouble with a certain download and this site is not letting me do anything about it. I cannot reply to the thread. I cannot contact the moderator. I don't know what to do.
Do you really think "hellooooo" is the right way to adress any supporter?

If you need help then you should show your problem exactly!
i'm sorry if hellooo offended you. It was just a greeting. If there is a certain way to greet supporters i did not find this in your guide to posting so please let me know what that is so that i do not repeat the error of wrongly addressing you. i wasn't even sure if the post would come to actually be posted. Like i said the website has not been letting me do much of anything.

The Problem Exactly:

I've been trying to download a book "Small Animal Surgery by Welch Fossum"
link to page: http://www.vetelib.com/threads/1013-Small-Animal-Surgery-Fossum-1st-Edition-1997

3rd edition Digital e-book.

Basically it is telling me that it is password protected and needs to be decrypted. But there was no password left on the thread. I've looked and looked in order to not have to bother any moderators or supporters. But unfortunately i did not find any instruction in reference to this.

As far as my problem with the site. As stated before it will not let me contact staff nor moderators without the 15 limit post which i fulfilled quite a time ago. Also i cannot post in threads. Which i was surprised that it posted to this one.

Once again i apologize. Amidst my frustration I really did not mean to offend anybody.

Thanks in advanced.
Hi, please,

Address yourself to FAQ's Section, this is the first section a new member must carefully read, over and over.
There's a thread called, How to see hidden links?
Universal Passwords Post for our forum is in there, go for it.

Next time, a simple Please and Thanks, would be enough, no drama needed.