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    Please remove course entitles "Principles of Rodetn Surgery" from your website. You are infringing on copyrights since we never gave you persmission to display this content.
    Hi Dr. Stator,

    This is a wonderful site and continues to save my bacon as I wade through vet school...thankyou for everything.

    Hi, Dr.Stator
    veselin616 had a briliantly simple or simply brilliant idea: "only eliminate the button REPLY!?" to avoid unnecessary posts...
    instead, you could perhaps put a PM button to whom ever wants to say something to say it to the member who posted the book... he then would decide to edit his original post, if the PM is a new link for upload, for example....
    Food for thought
    Keep sake
    i want to knw how to upload material plus i also need lymphatic system diagrams of horse if u help please
    DOC i really want the diagrams showing the lymphatic system of horse please help me its very very urgent
    waiting for your reply and help
    congratulation for win the foal in mare dvd.....cheers!!

    FoalinMare DVD totalmente ilustrado con imágenes en 3D y animaciones que proporcionan increíbles exploraciones dentro de la yegua preñada y del proceso de nacimiento del potro, creado por la Universidad de Gante, Bélgica (info)
    Marco Paolucci, Italyia; Carina Fernandes, Portugal; Atsushi Kato, Japón; Kristina Fontel, Dinamarca; Moha Stator, Egipto; Marie Hammarberg, Suecia; Robin Marshall, Nueva Zelanda; Karen Dunne, Irlanda; Helena Kaukinen, Finlandia y Lauren Tyrell, Australia
    yes, but i still don't know how i will get it, i sent them a message concerning that, but i don't recieve a reply yet.
    hi~~~my account:tony0665206
    i need bsava book, like

    BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Cardiorespiratory Medicine

    but theses books in vip ? my country can't use moneybooker,so i can't subscription. would you please give password? thank you very much
    I like this idea to have this web page on my language. This community help me a lot. But is bad to see that is GOOGLE TRANSLATED. The text does not have any sense ???
    1. Just for start translate the web page (it is easier and don't have many words to translate)
    2. By the article JUST BY PUTTING ONE BUTTON "TRANSLATE THIS ARTICLE" and "PUBLISH (or PROMOTE) THIS ARTICLE" you will answer a lot of problems... witch article is most translated, mostly published on Facebook or Tweeter...
    3. On every language... give one moderator.... (i don't understand that terms), person that will control: translations, what is translated, what is spiking on the forums (forbidden religious subjects, national subjects.. or just use of bad words ) ...

    I will help as I can and how much I can... NOW I can't

    Dr Stator ineed your help.
    i need many jounal about beta-propiolactone for viral inactivation
    thank for ur help.
    can i know what the conditions that promote the member from the level to other.
    How do go about uploading books for this site. I have an equine arthroscopy book and alaparoscopy book in PDF
    Dear Dr. Stator:
    Is there any problem if we post de dvd of REBHUN'S DISEASES OF DAIRY CATTLE at the biblioteca MVZ ? .... Not immediately, more or less in a week, to respect your contribution.

    Regards and thanks anyway!
    sorry dr stator but when we open the file we have the
    Textbook of Respiratory Disease in Dogs and Cats
    can you please if possible see the problem thanks and soory for disturb
    Thanks dr stator for your Response but , I was disappointed because no large animal cases here
    Theriogenologist, working mainly with Bovine & Equine, camels rare, as i am away from desert
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